Le Caracoli brand was inspired by the awareness of two main facts

First fact: the absolute necessity to promote the incredible coffee benefits for health and coffee impacts on the welfare of the population. Second fact: the ethical obligation to contribute to the improvement of life quality for 25 million farmers struggling to live or rather to survive despite their hard work.


The International Institute of Coffeeology, having realized these facts, was led to create the unique coffee-line cosmetic brand : Le Caracoli along with many other projects (www.institut-cafeologie.com) all of which aiming at protecting the various actors of the coffee sector (second value market behind oil) and primarily, aiming at protecting the most destitute among them, the planters.


That is why, the International Institute of Coffeeology, loyal to its genuine humanistic values, has created the Association: THE FAIR WELFARE, which receives a donation per unit of sales of Le Caracoli.


The Association also receives donations from all other generous contributors who feel concerned about the concept of fair welfare in such a consumer society. The sums thus collected will go to farmers trained in good agricultural practices as well as for the free supply of coffee equipments and plants. 


  The actions carried out will be listed and detailed on the websites of the International Institute of Coffeeology, Le Caracoli and the Fair Welfare Association.


Thanks to its research laboratories, specializing in coffee innovation, the International Institute of Coffeeology ensures the quality of each Le Caracoli reference, carefully formulated and guarantees its qualitative excellence.

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