Powerful coffee antioxidants that purifies the skin
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has been specially designed

to effectively protect the cell membranes against the destructive effects of fre radials, and to guarantee deep and gentle cleaning with three products rich in powerful antioxidants, that meet the different skin needs, for the body and for the more delicate face.

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Antioxidant solution

Thanks to its combination of organic coffee extracts and gentle cleansing agents, the micellar concentrated solution is a real anti-aging treatment. It delicately eliminates impurities and removes make-up, calms, softens and moisturises the skin without affecting the natural protective epidermis barrier.

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Purifying cleanse
Antioxidant Scrub and Mask
Light exfoliating cream

The great efficacy of CAPPUCCINO VISAGE lies with exceptional skin care properties of coffee extracts, antioxidant, moisturizing and emollient. Antioxidant coffee exfoliation effectively protects the cell membranes against the destructive effects of free radials, eliminates soft dead cells and impurities from the skin.

Body scrub

CAPPUCCINO BODY is a unique combination of organic coffee and organic green coffee oil that, besides having beneficial effects on the skin, acts as natural exfoliating agents, guaranteeing an effective and deep cleaning.

Full of antioxidants from organic coffee for the deep cleaning of the skin

Powerful antioxidants and sensual delicacy of coffee

Cleaning the skin of face and body is the first step to take care of it optimally. It allows the removal of dead cells and impurities and prepares the skin for other treatments, such as the use of creams, masks, balms and lotions, increasing their effectiveness.

It’s fearted that, in the cleaning process, the antioxidants

might disappear quickly before, they can be absorbed by skin cells. But we now know that the antioxidants are effectively absorbed by the cells of the stratum corneum, the outer wall of the epidermis where the free radials are neutralised.

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