Consumers warned to avoid 'toxic lip balms'

Towards the end of the year 2017, lip balm users have been warned by a leading French consumer group (UFC-Que choisir) about the dangers of smearing their lips with the product after their tests found that certain balms (including lip balms from large cosmetic brands) contained toxic substances1.

UFC-Que choisir warned consumers to stay away from the balms that have levels of mineral oil residues Moah2 and Mosh3 – carcinogenic substances, endocrine disrupters and synthesis hydrocarbons. In some cases, these levels are extremely high – up to 41% !

In fact, both types (Moah and Mosh) are easily absorbed by the human body - when they are ingested and can accumulate in body fat and in some organs. Mosh which if swallowed , can make their way into the lymph nodes and liver and inflame them. Because of its toxicity, ingestion of mineral oil residues (Moah and Mosh) should be avoided entirely, especially that these harmful ingredients are banned for use on human food.


The lip balms consumers were urged to avoid were:

  • Macadamia lip balm from Yves Rocher

  • Trésors de miel nourishing lip balm from Garnier Ultra Doux
  • Original classic care from Labello

  • Classic moisturising lip balm from Carmex
  • Nultric transforming balm for dry lips from La Roche Posay

  • Homéostick from Boiron
  • Cold cream nourishing balm from Avène
  • Nutrition balm for dry lips from Le petit Marseillais
  • Hydrating lip balm from Aptonia

  • Hydrating lip balm from Uriage

Notes :

  2. Mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons 
  3. Mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons 


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