Coffee active componets
have scientifically proven capacity to inhibit the complex process of melanogenesis and to exert a strong antioxidant and anti-tyrosinase action without the cytotoxic effect on the cells.
Anti-pigmentation treatment safe for the skin

Uniform pigmentation 100% natural with organic coffee extracts


has been specially designed for the daily care of skin with hyperpigmentation problems to get an effective lightening effect, safe for the skin.

Thanks to a careful selection of 100% natural active ingredients with proven lightening and antioxidant power, the process of suppressing melanogenesis is safe, reversible and without the cytotoxic effect on the cells.

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Pigmented epidermis cells

called melanocytes are responsible for producing melanin, which essentially has a protective function as it neutralizes free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays.

Skin problems associated with hyperpigmentation

such as melasma or senile lentils, are caused by excess of melanin in response to a massive dose of free radicals at the epidermal level. Melanin is also responsible for the color of our skin.

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Discover skincare products with organic coffee extracts
100% natural and safe for the skin

specially designed for the daily care of skin with hyperpigmentation problems

Since the same melanin is the product of an oxidation process, the effectiveness of a skin-lightening cream can not therefore be determined by a single active substance that inhibits melanogenesis but by a mixture of molecules with the inhibitory and antioxidant activity.

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