Coffee from legends to truth

The origin of this exceptional beverage with a very complex aromatic structure is surrounded by numerous legends and myth. The legend
of the Ethiopian shepherd who lived in
times impossible to place is believed to
be one of the most well-known. The
shepherd noticed that his sheep were
really excited after eating some red
berries. Thus, it is impossible not to
believe this legend for its captivating

In fact, we don’t know when exactly the coffee started to be served as a beverage. However, the archaeologists found writings dating back to 900 years before Christ, which strongly support the idea that the coffee had been used as a medicine in the ancient Arab world.

Probably, its origin is much older.

Indeed, even in Sumerians 
civilization (4000 years before Christ)
the use of medicinal plants was widespread. In fact, the herbal medicine
was more developed then than at
present. Actually, we have only
discovered beneficial, nutritional values
contained in coffee, obviously already known in ancient days.

Thus, it would be logical to believe that the medicinal coffee beverage (including coffee beans roasted or not, but necessarily crushed and mixed with water) appeared with the Sumerians civilisation.

In comparison, it’s interesting to note that the beer, as complex as coffee, also stems from the ancient Mesopotamia, the land of the two rivers; Euphrates and Tiger. It’s there that a stone plate, dating back to approximately 4.000 before Christ, was discovered. It’s a primitive illustration of the first beer-making process. Moreover, written in the form of hieroglyphs and pictograms recipes were submitted by primitive civilizations of the Mediterranean - Sumerian and Egyptian...So much the worse, for fans of legends and stories....

The origin and properties of the beverage as noble as coffee, could not be left any longer in this state of obscurantism ...

LE CARACOLI BRAND was inspired by the absolute necessity to reveal the incredible virtues of coffee for health and human well-being by THE COFFEE THERAPY

Coffee is an underestimated source of natural compounds of industrial interest...

In addition to caffeine, whose use in cosmetics is well known, coffee is also a very rich source of antioxidants beneficial to health such as polyphenols and melanoidins.